Planning on Selling Your Home?

If you're thinking about selling your home this year, you're not alone.

Trulia recently conducted a survey of over 2,000 U.S. adults in order to forecast homeownership for 2018. The results show 31 percent of respondents expect 2018 to be a better year for selling a home than 2017 – and only 14 percent expect it to be worse.

So for those of you planning to sell, here are some ways to prepare your home.

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12 Real Estate Lead Generation Tips

grow real estate business

You're a self-motivated individual who wants to grow your real estate business, but you can't rely on your brokerage to bring you leads. You need to go out there yourself and get them. This can seem a bit daunting when you're just starting out, so I've put together tips every new real estate agent should know to make client acquisition easier. I can't begin to tell you how many agents have come to me saying a person they thought was a qualified "lead" turned out to be a giant waste of time. That's why I'm also going to share some tips on how to better qualify those leads in your pipeline, as well.

At it's core, Real Estate is about helping people. If you're just starting out, you'll soon discover that you need to breathe and sleep real estate. This career can definitely be very time-consuming, especially when you're a brand new agent. The time will come when you can plan your days off, but at the start, your passion of real estate will be put to the test. 

Here are Tips for Better Lead Generation for a New Realtor: 

Spread the Word to Those You Know

You're getting into real estate, this is a big deal for you! Don't be afraid or embarrassed to talk to the people you already know first. You have to get the word out and commit to it. Everyone you know will most likely know at least one person who is moving or looking to re-locate within the upcoming year. 

Over 70% of millennial home buyers are so happy with their agent that they would hire them again, or send them a referral of a friend or family member or someone that they know. (

Business people meeting for budget

Share how excited you are with people you know and your acquaintances. Put the word out there, "In case you haven't heard, I just wanted to let you know I'm starting my real estate career! I've just joined (insert company here) and I'd really appreciate it if you could keep your ears open for people who you know that I could possibly help in the future." Now once you have this group develop, market to this group consistently.

Listen to the Pros: How Do They Interact With Clients and Prospects?

You're just starting out, you're not expected to be a pro yet. Listen to others in your office, learn how they interact with clients in their own style. Of course you want to develop your own characteristics and style, but it's also very important to listen to how others are succeeding in the business. Being in an office, you'll be able to feel the energy, all of the conversations and interactions -- don't take that for granted. Take detailed notes. Ask questions and don't be shy. Your superiors will appreciate your dedication to growth and development. 

Looking for the best apps for real estate agents? Check out our 23 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

Develop Your Elevator Pitch

"An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that you can use to spark interest in what your organization does. You can also use one to create interest in a project, idea, or product." (Source: MindTools)

Keep it short, but powerful. 

To create a powerful elevator pitch, follow these guidelines: 

  • State your goal. 
  • What you do, and more importantly why you do it. 
  • What is your unique value proposition
  • Keep them engaged.
  • Practice it to people who will give you an honest opinion. 
  • Keep practicing until it becomes second-nature and natural to share. 

Start Networking That Actually Works 

It's simple to start networking in a fashion that actually works. The best strategic real estate networkers are those who engage with other top professionals in their community -- not just seeking to land new leads right away. It takes time to develop deep understandings of the professionals' businesses, but if the services they're providing are complements to your business and their values align with yours -- meaning they're also serving your demographic in a trustworthy fashion -- then take the time to learn their value propositions as well. 

networking for realtors

Networking with professionals such as attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, contractors, developers, doctors, these are all potential lead generation sources for your future business. Their client base trusts their opinions, now you just need to make them trust you. 

When at various networking events, try to capture and remember information that is unique about each person you connect with. What are their interests outside of the real estate world? Important recent events they've gone through, family, job promotions, etc. If you make true connections, your follow-up will be genuine and will be the stepping stones to a powerful referral relationship.  

Which Communities Will Love You? 

It's important to think about any potential niche opportunities, even early on in your career. Think of any certain demographics that you may be able to provide a greater amount of value to. You want to build a community of clients who all trust you enough to keep you in mind for future real estate transactions, as well as refer you to others in their community. Display to them that you're dedicated to help them accomplish their greatest hopes and wishes for finding that perfect home. Beautiful family portrait smiling outside their new house.jpeg

Remember who you connect with in the community and stay organized in your CRM system with detailed notes and unique information that is key to making an impact when you re-connect with them in the future. 


Look for Leads With a Higher Need to Sell Now 

Look for leads that are more likely to close sooner. These leads can be For Sale by Owners, NODs (Notice of Default) and Probates (When someone has passed away and the heir may need to sell the property). These leads have a greater desire/need to sell their home sooner than later. This is a fast return on your time investment and prospecting. You can speak to this pipeline via the phone or in person and ask for their business. You can also take a more indirect route and reach out to them via mailings or email marketing. 

Invest In Google AdWords

Start running AdWord campaigns for home-search keywords. You can get an $100 credit usually when you create your new account and this can be used to target specific locations, demographics, and keyword searches. 

For example, targeting residents of Westchester, 30-40 years of age who are searching items such as "purchasing home Westchester", "Westchester homes for sale", "for sale condos Westchester" your website and AD will be shown to them first. It's a great method to get in front of more of your target audience earlier on your career when you haven't yet built a name for yourself. 

Landing Pages are Your Friend 

A landing page is any web page with gated content where the visitor must fill in a brief form in order to gain access to exclusive original content developed by you. You can use landing pages for many different things: informational white-papers, guides, webinars, or even exclusive open houses to new listings. This is a key part of lead generation for realtorsreal estate lead generation

How users get to your landing page can be from social media, organic search or even off of a blog that you've written which displays a  "call to action" to visit the landing page. This is usually a button or banner which encourages to user to take action and learn more. Landing pages' purpose is to provide the prospect with value as well as move visitors further down the sales funnel based on their needs. The information you gather from their form submission and their behavior on your site helps you determine how you can nurture them towards a sale. 

Get Social and Start Branding Yourself

Start or join a Facebook group in your community. This could be as specific as your neighborhood. Put in extra effort to cultivate helpful contributions to the community and build a reputation. Start your own social media accounts specific to your business, make a good website, and make sure your digital presence represents your personality. You are a helpful person who will help them in any real estate need. 

Start Sending Mailers 

These are postcards, brochures, envelopes, anything you can fit into your budget. The more you send out the better. You need to send them out persistently and make sure you're sending quality looking pieces. Be sure to personalize these as much as possible with your best head-shot, phone number and link to your website. 

Be Persistent 

Don't be that brand new agent that talks to a few people and then gets too frustrated by lack of traction. If it's not working, rethink your strategy and keep trying. All you can do is stay persistent with your follow-ups and outreach. There is no industry secret to hitting it big in real estate, just a few key principles to stick to. Be genuine and be persistent. 

As a brand new real estate agent with very few clients or even no clients right now, you may be overwhelmed. I can't stress enough how much you are not alone. If you are looking for a key contact who knows all things real estate, reach out to us! We're happy to answer any of your questions. 

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