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Protect Your Most Valuable Real Estate Assets  

Hamlet Title Agency has a team of expert lawyers, the best underwriters such as First American and Old Republic and over 100 years of experience in real estate. When you partner with us, you aren't just a number, you are a part of our family and we will work 24/7 to guarantee you exceptional service and a seamless closing. 

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First-Time Homeowners 

If you're buying your first home and haven't given much thought to selecting the right Title Insurance agency, you're not alone. Trust us, family to family, you do not want to buy a home until you are sure you are being provided with a title insurance policy from a trustworthy company. 

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The service that my office receives from Hamlet is a step above the rest. They are knowledgeable professionals that understand our business which makes them very easy to work with.  Whenever we have any questions, the staff is always available to guide us with their learned advice.
Stephen J. Kuzma, Kuzma Law Firm
Hamlet Title Agency, Inc. provides superior personal service, something that is lost among the other corporate title agencies I've worked with previously. And too their superior attention to detail and ability to create solutions to issues that arise during the title search process has not gone unnoticed by my firm. ”
Brian T. Epstein Esq., Law Offices of Brian T. Epstein & Tai Kim
Hamlet Title has been my “go to” title company for the past 3-4 years. Their commitment to detail including all of the little items that can cause a delay in closing is unbelievable. Better than any other title company I have dealt with in over 30 years of practice. ”
Richard J. Davolio, The Law Offices Of Richard J. Davolio, P.C.
“ Hamlet Title Agency has always provided excellent service, fair dealing, quick responses and I would recommend. The people at Hamlet have always been helpful and glad to assist me.
Rodney Drake Esq., Law Offices of Rodney Drake
“ Customer service is what makes Hamlet Title Agency just a step above the rest. Some other agencies out there, you are just a number. With Hamlet Title Agency, you feel like you're a part of the family with how much detail and attention they give to you. ”
Brittany Morton
“ I have purchased both commercial and residential properties and have used Hamlet Title for my last 5 acquisitions. The reason I use Hamlet, and will continue to use them, is the efficiency and professionalism with which they handle the closing process. There are no surprises at the closing table! ”
Oscar Ramjeet

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Real Estate Lead Generation Partners

We partner with Real Estate agents in our Real Estate Agent Advocate Program because we both serve a common goal: help more people achieve home-ownership, and protect them along the way from any issues that can arise. To show our dedication to our partnership, we create content designed to benefit your real estate businesses. 

Some how-to's guide for Real estate lead generation include:



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